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Giving back to the community is not only a privilege, but something we truly look forward to, as our efforts are fun, rewarding, and inspirational. We frequently partner with local and national organizations to provide food, clothing, comfort, and financial and emotional support to others. Join us in our journey as we continue to live out our core value of Passion for Our People.

$41,000 in back-to-school assistance in 2018 alone

Whether we’re shaving our heads for St. Baldrick’s or literally giving the coats off our backs to keep others warm, we take our social responsibility seriously.

$150,000 awarded in just 1 year

From volunteering at soup kitchens to donating to local food banks, we are proud to do our part to help the community.

Over 25,000 backpacks donated

Being able to support others through fundraising runs, coaching little league sports, or cleaning up the community empowers us every day.


In one year alone, Wireless Vision participated in shaving over


contributing $45,000 to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s efforts to enhance childhood cancer research.


We consider ourselves privileged to be able to do work we love every day alongside our friends and family. It’s also an honor to be able to support the community by providing financial assistance to area schools and charitable organizations that need our help. It’s just one more thing that makes WV the place to be.

  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation
  • Backpack Drive
  • Holiday Give-Back
  • Vision Empowerment Academy

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Head-shaving events are held nationwide throughout the year, making it possible for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to support the development of childhood cancer treatments. Wireless Vision is proud to give to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the families it serves.

  • WV has raised over $100,000
  • 26 markets participated

backpack donations

When it comes to encouraging children to excel in school, we have their backs. We regularly participate in backpack drivers to provide children with the supplies they need to get back to school with their best foot forward.

  • WV donates 14,000 backpacks in 2 years
  • $41,000 raised to support 13 markets
  • Support for local youth sports teams

Vision Empowerment Academy

Vision Empowerment Academy is a mentoring program under Wireless Vision’s Got Your Back social responsibility. We believe that every child deserves to have an equal education. With the help of mentors, they will learn about values, education, and life skills to do the right thing every day.

  • Awarding of $20,000 in scholarships
  • Partnering with local organizations such as The Chaldean Foundation to support local youths
  • Inspiring and preparing high school students to be successful
  • Educating students through technology and life skills

Holiday Give-Back

People of all ages should have the ability to enjoy the holidays with toys, food, fun, and loved ones. At WV, we do what we can to help others create an enjoyable season, whether that means a nourishing meal or the toys children have always wanted.

  • Empowering families
  • Helping to create special memories
  • Giving back to the community